When I am lazy, busy or tired, I love writting English or French Fanfic, just because I don't want to type Chinese and I WON'T TRANSLATE IT. THIS WILL NOT BE POSTED ON TUMBLR/AO3/FANFICTION.NET.



"Oh! What the hell is it?! A dog? I can't believe that a dog can be so crazy! Hey! Joseph! Come to help me!"Seb shouted.

No response.

Joseph's glasses is on the floor.

Damn it! Why this weird dog won't die?!

No!No!No!Don't rushing to me! Oh my god...I ensure I am bleeding because I am in great pain.

Umm...use the Agony Crossbow and Shotgun maybe can kill him.

***Sentinel killed(actually it is not died)***

Joseph is lying down on the floor.

Hmm...this young guy's posture in sleep is quite cute...

A cute, handsome guy. As he is a half of Canadian and Japanese?

His lips look so... Kiss him?

He is fall in faint anyway. And Kidman is not here now.

And Seb kissed him, yes, just a kissed shortly.

"How can a man's lips so soft...Incredible."

If he is awake, he must kill me, well.

"Joseph..."Seb called out Joseph's name.

Joseph seems looking at something.

'What is it?"

"I dropped my glasses back there."


Sentinel running out again.

"What the hell? That wired dog hasn't died? You must kidding me."

Joseph just standing there. Oh right, without glasses, he can't see things clearly.

"Hmm..."Seb sighed.

Let's use the Flash Blot to let it can't move and run to get the glasses.

Flash Blot shooted. It seems work.

Take the glasses back without a hitch.

"Hey! Over here! Over here!"Joseph threw a bottle right that wired dog, shouted.

After that, just run back to Joseph...Please don't rushing to me!

"Hurry back before that thing finds you!"


"I am sorry.It's not just about being unable to see..."

An interesting idea appeared in my mind.

I put up two fingers. "How many fingers here?If you answer wrongly, I will give you some punishment."

"Hey guys!I am just shortsighted, not blind, okay?"

"Answer me."

Joseph hesitated."Umm...Three?"

"Your shortsighted is really serious. The answer is two so you will have a punishment."

Well, actually, the fact is three fingers. By the way, you know, an adult man would be naive in some of the moments such as play tricks on...who they care about. 

"Are you a kid? Okay, okay, be quick, be quick. What punishment?"Joseph annoyed.

What waiting for Joseph, is a French deep kiss.


The thing that Seb expected do not happen. He thought about Joseph will take his axe to fight with him but he didn't.

Joseph face flushed.

Well...he is a virgin? Already 33 years old still a virgin? Although he looks like 20 years old...

It is so embrassing to talk.

"Err...here is your glasses."

Joseph received the glasses"It's about...feeling normal..."

"It's all right. Let's focus on finding Kidman."

After that day, they never talk about this matter but the memories are already in their head.